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Best SRA TruPower UC-150D-PRO Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner

SRA TruPower UC 150D PRO Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner

SRA TruPower UC-150D-PRO Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner:

  • 360 Watts of Ultrasonic Power and 1000 Watts of Heating Power
  • Includes 100% Stainless Steel Main Unit, Cover, Standard Mesh Basket
  • Innovative LCD display and Control System
  • Powered by 6 Piezoelectric Transducers
  • Adjustable Power from 80-360 Watts

If you never have heard anything about ultrasonic cleaners, then it is time to widen your vision about this machine! In general, these kinds of machines make use of the ultrasonic waves to efficiently clean different materials, such as, jewelry, gun, lab equipment and so on.

Ultrasonic waves are generated through electricity, allowing cavitation in the water to take place and forming vapour bubbles. Then, these water molecules produce strong power and items start to be cleaned by killing bacteria and removing stains.

To learn more about this ultrasonic machine, we have conducted an article about SRA TruPower UC-150D-PRO Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner. Come here to get yourself informed now!

Best SRA TruPower UC-150D-PRO Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner


Why to buy SRA Model TruPower Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Ranked 4.5 stars on Amazon, SRA Model TruPower Ultrasonic Cleaner appears as a top cleaning product for the following types of items: Electronics, Medical Equipment, Jewelry, motor parts, gun parts, optical equipment, dental instruments, rust removal, and much more. See! There are many items that can be cleaned out with just one unit, right?

It is equipped with lots of the most outstanding features, such as a heater, a non-adjustable sweep function, a degas function, and over-temperature protection. That’s why this is a great cleaning machine for both home and business objectives. The result surely surprises you with a very noticeable difference on the items you have just cleaned.

Regular ultrasonic cleaners often run at an average power of 50 – 100 watts per gallon. However, with this machine, 360 Watts of Ultrasonic Power and 1000 Watts of Heating Power are generated, ensuring that the most thorough cleaning process is performed and every dirt is gone away immediately.

The presence of the Standard Mesh Basket does an awesome job on preventing scratches or etch while cleaning your valuables. Furthermore, this ultrasonic cleaner is also powered by Six Piezoelectric Transducers for high efficiency, low heat and stable output. All makes you feel safe and comfortable during the procedure.

Constructed with the stainless steel material, this surely makes the ultrasonic cleaning machine durable as well as lasting longer. Last but not least, there are various size capabilities for you to consider, such as 2 Liter, 3 Liter, 4.5 Liter, to 30 Liter. Only buy the one fulfilling your demands!

SRA TruPower UC 150D PRO Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner

Notable Features SRA Model TruPower Ultrasonic Cleaner 

  • Degas Function: This function helps to remove all bubbles during your cleaning solution.
  • Sweep Function: You can turn on this feature for a more uniform cleaning.
  • Adjustable Power: With the feature, it is easy to adjust the power from 80 Watts to 360 Watts in order to penetrate deeply into the more delicate parts.
  • Over-Temperature Protection: The machine automatically shuts off before any damage occurs.
  • Sleep Function and Memory: This function is used to save the last settings when powered off.

How to Maintain SRA Model TruPower Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Thankfully, this SRA Model TruPower Ultrasonic Cleaner comes with a 1-year warranty. That means it can be voided if you experience some unexpected conditions. The following are some useful maintenance tips that can help you to use the ultrasonic cleaner for a lifetime:

  • Never operate it when the solution is too low because this can even damage the transducer.
  • Do not let any instrument touch the bottom of the tank since this action can scratch or etch the machine.
  • Do not slope the solution in order to prevent it from running into the device.
  • Never use high-alkaline or acid-level solutions.
  • Ensure that the machine is not placed on a wet surface or damp towel.
  • The proper maintenance of the ultrasonic cleaner should be ensured so that you can enjoy the best performance possible.

Final Verdict

An ultrasonic cleaner will be a powerful tool for cleaning medical or dental equipment and becoming a lucrative source of business for your jewelry store or even antique shop. Regardless of what your purpose is, just go on buying the SRA Model TruPower Ultrasonic Cleaner of your favorite! It is the simplest way to let you wear the like-new and shiny jewelry every time. Happy faces whenever going out to project your confidence to others around.

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