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how to clean pearls at home

Cleaning pearls is an important part of jewelry cleaning at home. Pearls has always been a symbol for love and happiness and is popular both as an everyday accessory and to wear at finer parties and weddings. Then what is a pearl really?

What is pearls?

what is pearls

Simply put, it’s the result from a strange object put in an oyster or a clamp. When it can’t be put away, the oyster or clamp starts to build thousands of layers of nacre around the object (it can be a small grain of sand for example). Pearls can be cultured or natural. The cultured ones is made by human putting the strange object in the creature and the natural ones by, yes, natural way.

Since the pearls are composed by water, proteins and calcium carbonate, you can’t use any kind of solution which will resolve calcium carbonate when cleaning pearls. Try to use your pearls near your skin as often as possible, the slight humidity will make them last longer. When you’re not wearing your pearl jewelry or cleaning pearls, keep it on a soft surface and not together with something that can scratch the them. The pearls are very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, think about this when cleaning pearls at home. That’s the reason why you shouldn’t keep them in airtight containers; the pearls may dry out and crack. If you use your pearl jewelry seldom, use something to make them humid from time to time. A good tip is polish with a drop of olive oil which will increase the luster of the pearl.

Tips for cleaning pearls at home

When cleaning pearls at home, the easiest and most inexpensive method is to mix some warm water with a mild non perfume detergent or soap in a bowl. They should be done carefully with a soft toothbrush. Rinse the pearls with water and let them dry on a soft cloth.

You should never use any kind of strong detergent because the pearls are so sensitive and fragile. Hair spray, make up, perfume and body lotion may also damage your pearl jewelry if you’re not careful. Don’t put the pearls on hot or cold surfaces when cleaning pearls or other times, the changes in temperature may damage them.

Pearls are more fragile than other jewelry gemstones. Naturally, the thicker the pearls are, the better quality and durability they have. Small pearls are more difficult to clean and you have to be more careful. They are done easily by wiping them with a dry or damp cloth. Cleaning pearls should never be done using jewelry cleaner liquids containing harsh detergents, alcohol or ammonia and also not by using an ultrasonic cleaning machine.

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A good tip besides them for cleaning pearls is to restring your pearl necklace now and then. This will decrease the risk of the nylon or silk cord to break. Another thing you can do to keep the cord in good condition is not to soak it in water while cleaning pearls. Instead you should clean each pearl individually. Also, make sure that the soap you’re using is PH neutral, use for example baby soap. Abrasion in any form, like abrasive cloths, will most surely damage your pearls, so avoid this when cleaning them.

When you are cleaning pearls at home there are a few things that you have to keep in mind in order not to damage your precious pearls, or at least to damage them as little as possible (because when using any method of cleaning pearls at home you will cause an affect you pearls even though the effect is minimal). As I’ve mentioned in other articles on this site about jewelry cleaning at home, almost everything in our surroundings and the environment affect the pearls we are wearing in our jewelry. These things can include cosmetics and other beauty products, the air, the temperature and the weather, water, sunshine, our skin and even possible medication we eat or take! So there really are lots of reasons to be careful about your pearl jewelry. If you don’t know what pearls you have, you won’t know how to clean them.

Cleaning pearls safe

When it comes to clean pearls there are both a wide range of safe, there are methods invented by someone who doesn’t really know about all the important facts when it comes to clean at home. In this article, I will try to sort out these different methods so that you will be able to separate a safe method from a less safe one.

You have probably heard about different methods for cleaning pearls at home using different ingredients and substances you usually keep at home. Some claims that cleaning pearls is done the most easy way by using so different things as tomato ketchup, ordinary milk, and many other things you don’t think of at first when it comes to clean them. Some of the many types of jewelry cleaner liquid that are available can be used when cleaning pearls at home, just read on the label to see whether your specific jewelry cleaner liquid suits your pearls jewelry. Another easy way of cleaning pearls is to solve a mild detergent in hand warm water and carefully clean your pearls with the solution.

Conclusion cleaning pearls

Pearls are organic material which ar composed by water and proteins in varying proportions. The most common composition is 1% mineral salt, 6% organic materials, 2% water and finally 91%, the biggest part, calcium carbonate. When cleaning pearls at home it can be useful to know what the pearls are made of in order not to damage some of the ingredients during the cleaning process.

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