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how to clean gold jewelry at home

Cleaning gold jewelry and cleaning rose gold is something everybody should know about. Gold is the most noble of all metals and has always been considered the most precious of elements found in nature. It’s been used both for ornamental causes and as payment through all times. Today gold is still a very valued material and because of that it’s very common in jewelry making but not everybody knows much about cleaning gold jewelry.

Types of gold


Rose gold, yellow gold and white gold are the three color variations of gold. But it’s not only the color that separate these three categories; also the composition does. Rose gold is produced by alloy gold with copper, therefore the reddish color. Usually rose gold is consisted by ¾ gold and ¼ copper. That makes the gold 18 carat (explain the term “carat” further down). The gold we think of as just “gold” when cleaning gold jewelry is the yellow gold. It’s compact, shiny, soft and the most durable and mouldable of all known metals. But in jewelry making pure gold isn’t used since it’s way too soft for the strains a jewelry must be able to endure, for example when cleaning gold jewelry.

The yellow gold that occurs in jewelry is alloyed with similar parts of copper and silver. That make sense when you consider that rose gold contains more copper and white gold contains more silver.

White gold on the other hand looks misleadingly like silver (it’s not yellow). White gold is an alloy made by mixing gold and some kind of white metal such as silver, palladium or nickel. In the business of cleaning gold jewelry you have to know what kind of gold you’re dealing with. You’ve probably hear the word “carat” mentioned in gold contexts. The higher carat of gold, the purer it is. The maximum number of carat is 24; this means that gold of 24 carat is completely pure. As I wrote earlier, gold jewelry is never pure or 24 carat since it’s too soft. The alloys used in jewelry making has inmost cases a carat of 14 carat (with 58,3% gold) or 18 carat (with ¾ gold). That was a bit of background, now lets move on to to the subject of cleaning gold jewelry.

Cleaning gold jewelry at home

One can think that since gold is so common in jewelry, the field of gold jewelry care is well known among people. Though, that’s not the case. Very few know what to do to retain the shine and luster of their gold jewelry. But taking care of and cleaning rose gold jewelry doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated at all. You can use simple methods for cleaning gold jewelry at home but you still have to be careful since the metal is sensitive.

Many tips of cleaning rose gold jewelry at home is not correctly fact-checked. They may be serious and well-intended but one slight mistake can cause damage on your piece of gold jewelry. The best you can do some time after you’ve bought gold jewelry is to visit a jeweler and get a professional gold cleaning and some advice on how to treat your specific piece of gold jewelry to get the best results. It’s enough to let a jeweler clean your gold the first time. Then you can be cleaning gold jewelry yourself at home to a less cost.

Gold jewelry won’t corrode, rust, or tarnish as other metals might do but that doesn’t say it doesn’t need cleaning. It gets affected by various substances and conditions from every day wear and therefor you need to know about cleaning gold jewelry. The air contains chemicals which might affect your gold jewelry so that it oxidizes slightly. If you shower or wash your hands with your gold jewelry on, your engagement or wedding ring for example, the soap you use might make the gold dull and loose this valued radiance and luster.

When cleaning gold jewelry there are many helpful supplies to use. You can find these not only at jeweler’s but at well-assorted warehouses. The two main categories for cleaning gold jewelry you can choose between are gold jewelry cleaning machines and jewelry cleaning liquids in different forms. Among the jewelry cleaning machines the ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine is especially effective. If you want a substance for cleaning gold jewelry you have jewelry cleaning liquids, jewelry cleaning dips and jewelry cleaning gels. There are also jewelry cleaning cloths and wipes. So there are a lot of possibilities for cleaning gold jewelry !

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If you prefer to mix your own jewelry cleaning solution at home, I give you two powerful and easy-made methods with recipes. If your gold jewelry has gotten oil or some kind of grease on it you can soak it in a bowl with 70% isopropyl alcohol for some hours as cleaning gold jewelry method. Then rinse and polish your jewelry. You may only use this method if your jewelry is gold only and doesn’t have any gemstones attached to it. Here are the two methods for cleaning gold jewelry at home:

1. Cleaning gold jewelry at home: Detergent bath

– Mix two deciliters of warm water with some drops of a mild detergent you have at home, like dish washing liquid.

– Let your pieces of gold jewelry soak for about 15 minutes. Be careful so they don’t scratch each other.

– Gently scrub the jewelry with a brush (a jewelry brush, a nail brush, an eyebrow brush or soft-bristle toothbrush for example). Do this carefully and try to reach even the most narrow spaces when cleaning gold jewelry.

– Now rinse the jewelry thoroughly in warm water. An easy way to do this which minimizes the risk of dropping jewelry down the drain is to put the jewelry in a wire tea strainer or colander with small holes.

– Let air dry or dry the jewelry with a jewelry cloth or other lint free piece of fabric.

2. Cleaning gold jewelry at home: Ammonium bath

– Mix one deciliter of cold water with one deciliter of household ammonia in a small bowl.

– Put your gold jewelry in and let it soak for about half an hour.

– Then clean the gold jewelry carefully with a small brush of the kind mentioned in the first gold jewelry cleaning method above.

– Wash the solution over the gold jewelry once again.

– Rinse in cold water after cleaning gold jewelry.

– Let the gold jewelry dry on a piece of soft tissue paper.

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