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Costume jewelry turn to pretty and often cheaper than the real thing. We are sure that most of women possess a collection of costumer jewelry in their bedroom, which make their appearance unique and outstanding day by day. Along with the affordable price, each piece of jewelry becomes a special work of art that adds different styles whether you are in workplace or in supermarket. Think of how noble you look with the pearl necklace once attending a party, how young you are with a pink big necklace once hanging out with friends, or how professional you are with fake diamond bracelet once in an office room.

Hence, in order to prevent such items from turning funky colors or reducing their values, it is important to know how to clean costume jewelry by using many different methods possible. And we are here to help you solve this problem. Keep reading now!

Firstly, which type of tool do you need to scrub?

Both toothbrush and Q-tip are effective tools to remove any dirt. Regarding to how to clean costume jewelry using a soft bristle toothbrush, start by using it to reach any tiny cracks and creases on the items’ surface. Another easy-to-use and effective tool is a fresh Q-tip that can also come in handy for scrubbing away the grime from in-between gems. After cleaning, it is highly recommended to dry each piece by paper towels. Of course, using a new toothbrush, Q-tip and clean paper towels are always a smart option so as to ensure that you are not transferring any germ and dirt back onto your jewelry.

What to use to clean costume jewelry ?

Use a dry cleaning method

Use a dry cleaning method

After you choose the best tool to do this cleaning process, let’s carry out this task in a place with good lighting. A desk with a lamp and a clear counter in front of a window are our suggestion. Then, use your toothbrush to gently brush the costume jewelry’s surface.

To check whether your piece is left with any additional trapped dirt or not, let it be inspected with a magnifying glass. If this is a case, a toothpick will be the recommended tool, which can help to remove any dirt or grime you spotted with the magnifying glass.

The final step is to use a dry and soft cloth to polish the piece.

Use a gentle and simple cleaning solution

Simplicity is the best! Another way to clean your costume jewelry at home is to use the simple and gentle cleaning solution. You just soak it in warm water mixed with a few drops of mild soap. The reason is that harsher soaps can contain chemicals which definitely damage your jewelry.

If possible, try a bit of lemon juice that can work well on oxidized pieces. How about the white vinegar? Have you ever applied this solution before? Believe us! The solution not only gets your costume jewelry clean, but also gives it a shiny appearance.

For the items with gemstones included in them, you should take care of them with a bit caution. For instance, make sure that the water isn’t hot, which may even damage the stones. Furthermore, soaking it for a long time is not a good idea either, since this might loosen the glue which is used to keep them in place.

Okay, don’t forget the most important step: That is to thoroughly rinse your jewelry in clean water after cleaning so that no residue or lingering scent of vinegar is left behind.

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Preserve your costume jewelry

Preserve your costume jewelry

Storing your pieces of jewelry correctly from the beginning is one of the greatest way to protect its shine and newness. Remove all rings and bracelets before washing your hands or applying moisturizers, lotions, and makeup. Also, be careful to what you put on your body, which can have an effect on your jewelry. That means it is better to apply lotion or spray perfume before putting on your jewelry.

The same goes for sweat: Take off your pieces before a workout and at the end of every day. Then, give each piece a quick wipe down using a clean microfiber cloth.

In addition, don’t forget to invest in a jewelry box. Such box surely helps to protect your items from scratching and scraping as well as limiting the oxidation process. Just following these few simple tips, and we ensure that you’ll feel free to enjoy your favorite costume jewelry for years to come.

Final Verdict

We do hope that these tips on how to clean costume jewelry will be exactly what you need to preserve the shine, brilliance, and beauty of your favorite statement pieces. No matter which way you choose, such cleaning solutions are relatively simple to apply. If you found these methods helpful, we highly appreciate if you share them with friends and family! Change your look every day with these types of costume jewelry instantly!

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