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The Bransonic B200 is an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner that was designed with home jewelry cleaning in mind. If you are thinking about buying the Branson B200 but want to know why people like it so much before making your purchase then take the time to read through this review.

There are several items that you will be able to clean with this machine, but most people use it to clean jewelry and optical wear. Have you ever taken your jewelry to have it clean professionally? Remember how brilliantly it shined and how much you loved it? You can get that same great look any time you want from the comfort of your own home when you own one of these machines. Here are a few features that people love using these cleaners for their jewelry and optical wear.

Feature of Branson Model B200

One reason people like the B200 from Branson is because of the features that it has. A particular feature that stands out is the 5 minute timer that shuts off automatically when the cleaning is done. If you have a lot of things to get done with your day then you do not want to be handcuffed to an ultrasonic cleaner all day waiting for each batch to get finished cleaning so you can put a new one in. When you take advantage of the timer that is included on this machine you will never have to worry about waiting by the machine again. All you have to do is set it for 5 minutes and then go do something else around the house that needs to get done.

Another feature that people like is the large stainless steel tank that is included with this machine. Having a tank that is made of stainless steel ensures that it will never rust and that it will hold up for a long time. Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials ever and you will find a lot of quality items using it in their construction. Also, having a large tank size will help save you time in the cleaning process because you will be able to clean more items at one time.

Because its capacity is relatively small, so you can only use it for items that are small and light. Other cleaning applications for the B-200 include clock parts, small dental instruments, coins and other hobby items, small machine parts, small electronic components, recorders, and fountain pens.



Branson Model B200 may not be as heavy-duty as the other units, but it does its job well and is worth every cent you spend on purchasing it. Additionally, the unit is perfect for both professional and home cleaning use. You will not be disappointed with this machine.
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