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Jewelry, both expensive and simple, have very special memories and values attached to it. Whether it is a $10000 wedding ring or a $10 thrift store graduation bracelet, these small yet important materials are milestones in our lives. Needless to say, taking care of them well enough to last beautifully through the coming years is important. We are therefore on a mission to help you find the Best jewelry cleaner for your valuable jewelry. Having a jewelry cleaner at your disposal means that you can clean, degrease and polish up your old, patchy and discolored jewelry. You will be surprised at how you can make your old jewelry look like brand new with minimum effort and time. And to help you find the Best jewelry cleaner for your needs, we have put together the most complete and wholesome buying guide that is entirely fool-proof! With all this said and done, let’s get down to business and dive right into our detailed reviews of 10 of the Best jewelry cleaner products in the market. Let’s start!

Top 9 Best Jewelry Cleaner On The Market

#1. Connoisseurs Precious Jewelry Cleaner

Connoisseurs Precious Jewelry Cleaner, 8 Fl Oz

Enter your first pick for the Best jewelry cleaner is not only the cheapest cleaner on our list, but it is furthermore of the most affordable cleaners in the market. It is the very well-known and recognized precious jewelry cleaner from Connoisseurs. The Connoisseurs precious jewelry cleaner is a clear solution, which comes in a red container. You get about 8 fluid ounces which, we think, great value for the price. Can use the precious jewelry cleaner to clean many pieces of jewelry, but it works its magic best on diamonds, platinum, and gold. Just dip or throw in your jewelry into the tub or container, wait for 30 seconds or so depending on the weight and damage on the piece, and pull up the strainer to sift it out. If you want, you can do a further thorough cleaning thanks to the cleaning brush attached to the strainer. It gets into those hard to reach spots and helps pick out the entire gunk out. The end result is a sparkling, cleaner and more beautiful piece of jewelry which looks and feels good as new! A very tiny yet effective aspect to the precious jewelry cleaner is that its solution is ever so lightly fragrance. This helps greatly since cleaning solutions have a weird, irony and very unpleasant odor to them.


  • It’s specifically great for gold, platinum, diamonds and semi-precious stones
  • Comes with a cleaning brush
  • ​Has a light scent to the solution
  • Is non-toxic


  • Allegedly gives jewelry a yellower hue
  • Subpar effectiveness


#2. ​Brilliant Jewelry Cleaner

Brilliant 8 Oz Jewelry Cleaner with Cleaning Basket and Brush

Next up, we have the Jewelry Cleaner from Brilliant as our next pick for the Best jewelry cleaner. The Jewelry Cleaner is a clear solution and comes in a container offering you 8 ounces. Good volume for the price. It can be used to clean most semi-precious metals like gold, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, corals, opals and turquoise. You can furthermore make the most of this cleaning solution with your garnets, peridot, topaz, aquamarine and other non-porous jewelry. It is furthermore very safe to use since it is non-toxic and non-ammoniated. The Jewelry Cleaner comes with a cleaning brush, which lets you brush off any stubborn or loose substances from your jewelry. One of the best things about the Jewelry Cleaner is that it does not use any harsh chemicals in its making. The solution is very gentle and mild. And last but not least, the Jewelry Cleaner from brilliant smells nowhere near those god-awful chemical cleaners and furthermore does not dry out the skin if you touch the solution since it is non-toxic and non-ammoniated.


  • Is perfect for most semi precious metals and gems
  • Does not have a strong, pungent odor to it
  • Comes with a cleaning brush
  • ​Is non-ammoniated
  • Is non-toxic


  • ​Does not clean pearls despite the label saying it does
  • Weak solution; subpar results
  • Poorly made container, leaks


#3. Blitz Gem and Jewelry Cleaner

Blitz Gem & Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate (8 Oz) (1-Pack)

Now, if you are one of those people who look for more value for money, then the Gem and Jewelry Cleaner from Blitz is probably the best jewelry cleaner for the money! Why do you ask? Well, it is a 2-pack cleaner bottle, meaning you get the twice the value for the price of one! That’s some smart shopping right, folks. And furthermore, the bottles you get are 8 ounces each and therefore totals to 16 ounces of cleaning solution. Moreover, it is a concentrated solution, meaning you will have to dilute it with water as per instruction. Looks like this thing is going to last you a very long time! The Gem and Jewelry Cleaner is specifically made to be used in jewelry cleaning machines and ultrasonic cleaners. Having said that, you can just as well use in as a dip. The solution is very much non-toxic and safe for skin-contact. It furthermore has a pleasant smell to it, which we really look forward to with cleaning solutions. You can remove stains and bling up any jewelry starting from gold, platinum, topaz, peridot, sapphire, ruby, aquamarine, garnets, and other non-porous and semi-precious gem jewelry. What’s unique about the Gem and Jewelry Cleaner, however, is that this solution is very much dual-purpose! You can dilute it and pour it into a spray bottle to use it as a stain remover from your clothes. It is strong enough to lift off tough stains, yet gentle enough to not agitate the material and fabric.Oh, and it’s ammonia-free!


  • It offers twice the value, is 2-pack
  • Is dual purpose, also serves as a fabric stain remover
  • ​Can clean non-porous and semi-precious gems
  • ​Can be used both in machines or as a dip
  • Is concentrated and has to be diluted
  • Has a pleasant fragrance
  • Is ammonia-free
  • Is non-toxic


  • ​Weak concentration
  • Poor result


#4. Weiman Jewelry Cleaner Liquid

Weiman Jewelry Cleaner Liquid

Our next pick for the Best jewelry cleaner Jewelry Cleaner Liquid from Weiman and it is just what you need to get those grime off of your precious stones! The jewelry cleaner liquid from Weiman is specifically designed to clean and polish jewelry, which is made out of diamonds, platinum, gold, silver, and numerous precious stones. The best thing, however, is that though it does not state silver in its cleaning list, it is still said to do a brilliant job on cleaning silver as well. It is a detergent-based cleaning liquid, which means that it will dissolve and slip out all the gunk out of your jewelry. You get 7 ounces in the container, and it furthermore comes with a cleaning brush to help you get into those tiny, pesky spots. The solution won’t suffocate you either since it has a very light and floral scent to it. The Jewelry Cleaner Liquid from Weiman has furthermore earned itself the prestigious Good Housing Keeping seal.


  • It is particularly good for diamonds, platinum, gold, silver, and numerous precious stones
  • Has the prestigious Good Housing Keeping seal
  • ​It’s a detergent-based solution
  • Has a pleasant, floral smell
  • ​Includes a cleaning brush


  • ​Does not clean for many popular pieces of jewelry made of pearls, corals, turquoise, etc
  • Poor container design; spills easily


#5. Simple Shine Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution

Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution

Our fifth pick for the best jewelry cleaner is a simple, basic yet very potent cleaning solution. This solution is perfect for people looking for a cheaper way out without having to compromise with efficacy. It is the Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution from Simple Shine, and it is just what you need to revive your old, patchy jewelry, without breaking the bank! The Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution is a cleaning genie for your precious and expensive ornaments. It comes in a container and you get about 6 ounces of this blue liquid, which can clean and sparkle anything and everything from your gold, sterling silver, platinum, stainless steel, pearls, diamonds, beads.

The Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution covers a huge spectrum since it can furthermore clean and polish trinkets made out of porous and soft stones, enamel and treated gemstones. All in all, you will not have to look for different cleaners for different materials because the Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution does clean pretty much everything. And if you are worried about the damage that cleaners usually end up doing to jewelry, then rest assured. The Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution is 100% non-toxic and furthermore has no ammonia. It is very gentle on your ornaments since it harbors no harsh chemicals whatsoever. You get a cleaning brush which is nice and detailed to get into those tiny spaces and brush away the loose residue. And finally, the Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution is furthermore biodegradable! A greener initiative. We appreciate that a lot. What we really admire about this amazing cleaning solution, however, is its confidence from its company. The producers are in fact so confident in the potency and efficacy of this solution that they are offering a money-back guarantee if you just so didn’t happen to like it. Yep. A full refund. If they are so confident about its performance, there really must be something to it after all.


  • Can clean a huge variety of jewelry
  • It is a gentle cleaner non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals.
  • Comes with a tiny, detail brush for efficient cleaning
  • Comes with a money-back offer.
  • ​Is biodegradable


  • ​Have tendencies to discolor or alter the color of metals
  • ​Isn’t too effective in lifting off silver tarnish.


#6. The Simple Shine Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit

NEW Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit Polishing Cloth,Brush and Cleaner Gold Silver Fine & Fashion Cleaning

Sometimes, a cleaning solution just won’t do. You need the whole deal. And if you liked the Jewelry Cleaner Solution from Simple Shine then you will absolutely love the Jewelry cleaning Kit from their line. The kit’s solution does everything you can expect from the solution to do. it uses the same solution that we have previously seen as our 5th pick for the Best jewelry cleaner. It comes in the same container and comes with the usual cleaning brush with about 6 ounces of its blue cleaning liquid, which can clean and polish anything jewelry from your gold, sterling silver, platinum, stainless steel, pearls, diamonds, beads.

The Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution covers a huge spectrum since it can furthermore clean and polish jewelry made out of porous and soft stones, enamel and treated gemstones.nit is 100% non-toxic, ammonia-free and very gentle on your expensive, precious stones. It is furthermore biodegradable so we’ll give it props for that too! However, what makes and complete this kit is that it comes with a final cleaning process which comprises of a very useful, travel-size cleaning and polishing cloth. A neat detail about this cloth is that is 2-sided. One is to rub off tarnish, and the other is to buff. This specifically made cloth is the final touch to the cleaning process, which buff and polishes your jewelry to get it shining like new. A very smart way to clean your jewelry like the professionals do!


  • Can clean a huge variety of jewelry
  • The polishing cloth buffs polishes and adds the final shine
  • It’s a gentle cleaner non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals
  • Comes with a tiny, detail brush for efficient cleaning.
  • ​Comes with a money-back offer.
  • Is biodegradable


  • ​Has tendencies to discolor or alter the color of metals.
  • Isn’t too effective in lifting off silver tarnish.


#7. Aquasonic Wave Jewelry Cleaner

Aquasonic Wave Jewelry Cleaning SystemEverything that shines isn’t gold- somebody said it right. Sometimes your jewelry could do more than just topical cleaning. They need skin-deep cleaning. And our final pick for the Best jewelry cleaner does just that: the Wave Jewelry Cleaner from Aquasonic. The Aquasonic Wave Jewelry Cleaner is one of the best ways to get professional level cleaning on a budget. This cleaning machine doesn’t just exist to shines and polish your jewelry. It furthermore kills and removes over 99% of the bacteria that are living and thriving on your ornaments.

Essentially, it not only gets rid of the grease and grime but also terminates most of the germs living on the surface of your valuables. The secret to this is that the Aquasonic Wave Jewelry Cleaner uses steam, hot water, and soap/cleaner to gut grime and germs. Just the way professionals do it! Speaking of which, you get almost all types of jewelry in it. And to add to that, this machine is spacious enough to accommodate 8 jewelry pieces at a time. That’s got a lot of cleaning done faster, ey? With the purchase, you get 7X jeweler’s loupe, a 1-month supply of antibacterial hydro-gel and user instructions. But the cherry on top really is the ridiculous warranty you get with the Aquasonic Wave Jewelry Cleaner. Brace for it: you get a whopping 5-year replacement warranty! We like that confidence.


  • It is anti-bacterial cleaner as well.
  • Is spacious; clean 8 at a time.
  • ​Uses professional grade cleaning protocols.
  • ​Can clean almost all types of jewelry.
  • Easy to clean; is dishwasher safe.
  • Comes with 7X jeweler’s loupe and 1-month supply of antibacterial hydro-gel.
  • Offers you a 5-year warranty.


  • ​​​The cleaning can often seem too gentle; poor polishing.


#8. Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner CD2800

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Polishing Jewelry Cleaner Machine

If you happen to like the Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner MGUC500 from Magnasonic then you will just as much admire our next pick for the Best jewelry cleaner, the Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner CD2800. The Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner CD2800 is a tad bit more affordable than the MGUC500, but it is still more or less very similar to the MGUC500. It uses sound waves, which can go up to 42k Hz to clean your valuables, has a 20 oz, or 600 ml, capacity, and is furthermore of the same or similar dimensions and weight. Compact yet spacious enough to accommodate most of your trinkets. They both also clean the same type of stuffs: ornaments, glasses, utensils, dental braces, etc.

The CD2800 Jewelry Cleaner also works with ordinary tap water, but you can just as well use the most cleaning solution in it. The bottom line is that the CD2800 and MGUC500 are both pretty identical to each other. However, what separates and makes the CD2800 Jewelry Cleaner different from the MGUC500 is that the CD2800 Jewelry Cleaner offers a 3-minute cleaning cycle with auto shut-off. Lower timer cycle than the MGUC500 but the auto shut-off is great for us forgetful ones! The CD2800 Jewelry Cleaner is furthermore much quieter during operation so that’s a plus too. And then finally, of course, you get a 1-year warranty on it as well!


  • It uses powerful sound waves to clean
  • Gentle yet effective cleaning, does not alter the color of your materials
  • ​Uses water as the cleaning medium, will work with cleaning solution as well
  • Offers auto shut-off feature with 3-minute timer cycle.
  • Versatile, cleans eyeglasses, utensils and so on.
  • ​High capacity, fits a lot of things.
  • Quieter operation.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • ​​Weak cleaning, too gentle.
  • Lower time cycle.
  • Short life span.


#9. Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner MGUC500

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner with Digital Timer for Eyeglasses

For our last pick for the Best jewelry cleaner, we want to step up our game and show you something that is both versatile and powerful. It is the Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner from Magnasonic, and it is probably the most fuss-free way to get your jewels shining. The Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner is an ultrasonic cleaning machine. This means it uses the power of sound energy at certain levels, or frequencies, to clean and polish your old, discolored ornaments. The cleaning is more precise, thorough and effective due to the millions and millions of tiny bubble that gently lift off all the gunk and grease. Speaking of which, the Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner uses sound waves which can go up to 42k Hz to clean your valuables. This powerful cleaning is effective, and yet so gentle on your ornaments that you can expect them to shine and shimmer without any fear of any sort of damage whatsoever. The machine holds 20 ounces, or 600 ml, and is furthermore very lightweight and compact.

One of the best things about the Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner is that you do not need to use any cleaning solution to soak your ornaments in. It uses water, only! There the cost of expensive and chemical-filled cleaners out of the way, and we can’t be happier about that. The Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner also comes with a timer with 5 preset cleaning cycles of 90, 180,280,380 and 480 second precise cleaning. However, at the end of the day, the feature we like most about this jewelry cleaning machine is that it can clean a lot more than just jewelry. You can clean your eyeglasses, watches, and even utensils in it. So, kudos to that! We could all appreciate some love multi functional-ism.


  • It uses powerful sound waves to clean
  • Gentle yet effective cleaning, does not alter the color of your materials
  • Uses water as the cleaning medium; will work with cleaning solution as well
  • Versatile, cleans eyeglasses, utensils and so on.
  • ​Great capacity, fits a lot of things.
  • Features 5 preset timer cycles.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • ​Flimsy construction quality.
  • Short life span.


Buying Guide to Best Jewelry Cleaner

Types of Cleaner

As you may know by now, there are various different types of jewelry cleaners. Some in a creamy consistency while others are foamy or liquid. And though they all serve the same purpose of cleaning and polishing up your rather dead jewelry, the most popular ways to clean them are with a solution or a machine. So, how do you know which one is best for you? If you are one of those one-time-only cleaners who like cleaning their trinkets every blue moon, then we recommend that you go for a solution cleaner since these guys are cheaper and will last you perfectly depending on the number of jewelry pieces you clean. They keep well and are furthermore even reusable in most instances. However, if you are a regular and frequent cleaner, then we would definitely suggest that you go for a cleaning machine. Yes, they are more expensive than solutions, but they don’t cost a whole lot. And anyway, it is more or less an investment since you are going to be using it a lot! Tip: for a little on-flight, en route cleaning, you also have special cleaning cloths which buff and polish on the go!

Gentle Cleaning

Remember, you are cleaning jewelry at home where you have no industry standard equipment. And in cases like these, using a gentle cleaner is best. Both for you and your jewelry. Harsh cleaner and justifiably filled with powerful chemicals and compounds. And if you don’t know your ways around using them, you could actually do more damage than dazzle. We, therefore, think it is best that to stick to something gentler and milder even if it means that it won’t clean your jewelry to a 100%. A gold ring that shines less is still better than a gold ring which looks and feels like copper, don’t you think so?

Jewelry-Specific Cleaners

Almost all jewelry cleaners will clean more or less most jewelry in the spectrum. In other words, one cleaner should be able to clean at least 5 or more over types of jewelry based on their material. Some cleaners are very specific to clean specific types of jewelry. For example, a cleaner will only clean precious metals and gemstone while another will clean porous stones like pearls. This is why it is very important that you look at the packaging before picking up just any cleaner you find at the store. Using the wrong type of cleaner not only assures poor cleaning results, but it could also potentially damage your ornaments by changing their textures and colors.

Choosing Pro-Health Cleaners

Cleaners, as they should be, tend to have heaps and heaps of harsh chemicals in them. Some of which affect us while others go undetected. However, regular exposure to these elements could pose a serious threat to our health. We, therefore, recommend that you always opt for jewelry cleaners that have a non-toxic formula. A non-ammoniated formula is furthermore a luxury if you have sensitive skin or any respiratory issues. Yes, we very well understand that this could mean a shabbier cleaning result, but seriously, the brightest diamond in the world can’t make up for your loss in health.

Easy to Use

Most commercial jewelry cleaners, that one that is made to be used at home, are more or less very self-explanatory and easy to use. However, having a proper design, great making materials and proper sizing could really help elevate the experience. Many cleaning solution containers tend to leak so first of all, make sure that the container is sealed and the cap opens and shuts tightly. Second, look for containers which come with a tray. This will hold the accumulated solution from the container and create less mess. We don’t need more cleaning, do we? And finally. Look for containers that come with a strainer basket and brush. Luckily, most cleaners solutions do and this makes cleaning jewelry so much easier! having a cleaning brush is furthermore a great way to get into those tiny nooks and crannies for a more efficient and thorough cleaning!


Cleaners, almost all types, not just jewelry, tend to give off that god-awful stench. Thanks, ammonia! And sometimes enduring such pungent odors can be extremely tough. Nausea is almost a given with such things. We therefore always suggest that you buy jewelry cleaners that are either fragrance-free of having a pleasant smell to them. Something that won’t knock your socks off is usually a good rule of thumb.


And finally, you have the warranty feature. Although we can’t speak for solution cleaners, most machine jewelry cleaners will come with a warranty. Which we, of course, think is brilliant! Getting a product which comes with a warranty is simply a proof of how well the product could potentially perform. It is just less risk this way, you know. However, on the other hand, we are in no way debunking non-warranted cleaners. There are some exceptionally great quality cleaners out there which do not come with any sort of security whatsoever. Speaking of which, if you are ever feeling a little unsure about the quality of a cleaner, then we highly recommend that you look for ones that come with a money-back guarantee or replacement offer. And always be sure to ask for these offers since most buyers are usually entirely unaware of any after-sales service for a great reason. It is your hard-earned money and you have every right to ask about the credibility and collateral of a product!

Benefits to Having Jewelry Cleaner


Cleaning jewelry at the store can be very expensive, and we are not even exaggerating. And to add to that, the weight and number of jewelry pieces to clean, furthermore adds to the final bill which can sky-rocket like crazy! So, why do that when you have a much more inexpensive way out through jewelry cleaners? They cost a fraction of the price of what your jeweler’s going to charge you. They are so cheap and affordable, in fact, that you could easily purchase an entire kit, or even an ultrasonic cleaning machine, without having to think twice!

Professional Grade Cleaning

Now, the word is that cheap things won’t deliver. With jewelry cleaners, however, you will be surprised how the quality of these products can surpass their retail prices! Jewelry cleaners come in various forms and consistencies. This allows you to choose the best texture and kinds for specific to the need of your jewelry and ornaments. You have your creams, wax, and more popularly and universally, cleaning solutions and ultrasonic cleaning machines. These cleaners can more or less clean a vast range of jewelry spanning from metals like silver, gold, and platinum, to gems and stones like diamonds, rubies, etc. You can even clean pearls, wood, and other materials. Most cleaning solutions are made to target specific materials like silver, pearl, and so on. On the other hand, ultrasonic machines use the power of sound wave energy to create million of the small bubble to clean and lift off the impurities off.

Easy to Clean

Alright now, what about the mess? How to do what to do? Well, believe or not but using jewelry cleaners is in no way any rocket-science at all! they come with instructions, not that you need them because it is very much a child’s play. Most cleaning solutions come with a strainer basket where you throw in your rings, chains, earr8ings, etc. the strainer has a pole attached to it which you can you can move and lift about to swish the items inside. And when you are done, your live out the strainer and rub away to reveal a cleaner, shinier ornament! Sometimes, you will furthermore find a cleaning brush, and or,  a special cleaning cloth which takes it up a notch. As for the machines, they are pretty self-explanatory. You just dunk chuck in the jewelry and let it sit for a few minutes while the sound waves do their thing. Easy!

Safer than DIY

Many DIY-ers use non-proof and absolute disastrous recipes to clean their jewelry. This could range from using baking soda, coke and beer dips, toothpaste, boiling hot water, and so on. The result? discoloration, deformation, and total fail. Whereas jewelry cleaners are simple yet effective formulas which do little to no damage to your precious jewelry. The Best jewelry cleaner products, in fact, are gentler on the skin and furthermore tend to be non-toxic and non-ammoniated. There’s one thing for sure, even if the cleaner does not yield many results in terms of cleaning, it won’t at least damage your jewelry like those mundane DIY recipes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My cleaning machine’s jewelry holder broke. Can the parts of a cleaning machine be bought separately? I can’t seem to find them at any store.

Answer: Great question! Many of our readers have been wondering the same as we can see. Well, if you can get parts for your cleaning machine or not depend entirely on the type of machine you have. Check on the brand and model number before anything. If you can’t find it at store or online, then the best way to get some parts is directly through the company itself. Contact customer service and check with them. Unfortunately, though, it is very unlikely that they will sell spare parts, but hey, it’s worth a try.

I am a self-proclaimed germaphobe, and just polish doesn’t do it for me. Is there a jewelry which will tackle germs and bacteria alongside the bling factor ?

Answer: We don’t blame you. Staple jewelry like wedding rings, earrings can gather grease and dirt and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Gross! Luckily, there are many people like you, and thus the market is teeming with anti-bacterial jewelry cleaners as well. Check our list of the Best jewelry cleaner, and you are sure to find something!


Jewelry cleaner is a brilliant way to add bling and shine to old jewelry and ornaments that have lost their sheen, right from home. A fantastic way to increase the life span and beauty of your valuable ornaments for years to come. The best part is the jewelry cleaners are very affordable and equally effective. And our buying guide has everything you have to know in order to land you the Best jewelry cleaner possible! And if you are not into the whole searching ordeal, then worry not. Walk right ahead into our comprehensive reviews of the 9 Best jewelry cleaner products to find you perfect product! We have an assorted range of cleaners and we believe that there’s everything for everyone! Cheap to expensive, cleaning solution to cleaning machine; we have it all for you! And with this, it’s a wrap to our take on the Best jewelry cleaner.

We hope you enjoy reading and find our article very useful in the near future when shopping for the Best jewelry cleaner. And remember to always check the instruction and bottles before purchase since each solution may be for cleaning specific types of jewelry. Until then, good luck, take care and we will see you soon.

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