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jewelry boxes reviews and buyers guide

There is no denying the fact that jewelry is the pride of many women. Whether you wear rings, earrings, watches or necklaces, these luxurious elements not only beautify your appearance, but also boost your confidence. To protect and keep such items bright and sparkling, along with using the best jewelry steam cleaners, you should also take jewelry boxes into consideration. Just keep in mind that no matter how expensive or inexpensive your items are, as long as they are not protected, they have no value. Not only do the Best Jewelry Boxes 2021 come as gorgeous and stylish, but they also offer great functionality and portability to satisfy the users.

Okay, to get yourself informed, following is a list of top 7 jewelry boxes to consider!

Top 7 Best Jewelry Boxes Reviews & Buyers Guide In 2021

Top 7 Best Jewelry Boxes On The Market

Recommended Product
Product image
Jewelry box dimension
Check Price
ABO Gear Jewelry Box Organizers Storage With Lock
10. 25 inches x 7.25 inches x 6.75inches
AKOZLIN Large Jewelry Box Organizer Functional Huge Lockable
15.4 inches x 13.5 inches x 9.1 inches
ProCase Jewelry Box Organizer With Two Layer Jewelry Display Storage Holder Case
ProCase Jewelry Box Organizer With Two Layer Jewelry Display Storage Holder Case
10.39 inches x 10.39 inches x 3.31 inches
Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box
7 inches x 5 inches x 4.5 inches
Minggoo Jewelry Organizer Box With Two-Layer Jewelry case
9.7 inches x 6.2 inches x 4.2 inches
Sodynee Purple Two-Layer Lint Jewelry Box Organizer
Sodynee Purple Two-Layer Lint Jewelry Box Organizer
10.2 inches x 10.2 inches x 3.2 inches
Mele & Co. Heloise Wooden Jewelry Box
Mele & Co. Heloise Wooden Jewelry Box
13 inches x 6.38 inches x 10.88 inches

#1. ABO Gear Jewelry Box Organizers Storage With Lock:

With ABO gear jewelry box can to help you to keep all your jewelry in order and have lock up inside. It’s one of the best jewelry boxes in the market that provides you with the most amazing arrange for your fashionable look. It has compartments fit for bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches, necklaces or cuff links provides a black jewelry box with versatile sections that suits all for keeping your jewelry. Besides, with a handle that you can traveling as it’s lockable easily carry your jewelry intact.

ABO Gear Box Jewelry Case

This jewelry box opens up easily and you get a well-crafted storage organizer with a versatile 20 compartment design included as 2 side compartments with 8 necklace hooks, 3 layers with 2 drawers, 6 ear stud cards, 1 ring case, 3 large storage pouches, and 2 watch slots. That is perfect for storing all types of your jewelry on the inside. It has two drawers offered for storing bracelets and similar jewelry. Additionally, it has also side compartments as watch slots, ring case and stud cards offered.

This is a jewelry box black-themed MDF and lined with soft beige velvet, it will protect your jewelry from scratches and damages. Approximately jewelry box dimension 10. 25” (L) x 7. 25” (W) x 6. 75” (H) when closed. This would be the best product for you. 


  • A stylish box that is suitable for all your accessories.
  • Multiple functional compartments.
  • It has affordable.
  • It has a light 3.94 pound design.
  • It has a considerate design handle.
  • It has an attached mini travel case.
  • Durable leather cover.


  • It is a little bulky.

ABO Gear Box Jewelry Case

#2. AKOZLIN Large Jewelry Box Organizer Functional Huge Lockable:

For those who is owning tons of jewelry and finding a solution to keep them all neatly in a single organizer with mirror and small portable case, then AKOZLIN Jewelry Box will be their flawless purchase. Whether you need a place for your earrings, brooches, necklaces, pendants, rings, or bracelets, dedicated compartments in this box can serve your pieces at best.

It is hard for you to hide the WOW face after knowing that its compartments included 6 versatile pull out drawers, this black huge jewelry box can store a lot of jewelry accessorie, such as rings, chains, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and so on. Soft pillows in the bottom drawer suit for storing watches. Twin fold out side compartments with snap closures. Great for hanging necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelries.

A large mirror is attached to the top lid, bringing the best convenience for reflection. You will find yourself interested in a removable mini travel jewelry case included in this jewelry box. Its presence allows you to enjoy an ideal trip without using up a full box at hand. That means, just carry the smaller travel case that is also divided into various compartments for the best organization of your jewelry.

In terms of style and design, the jewelry box will never make you disappointed. This case will be bulky or heavy for traveling on a plane, but easy to find the jewelry you want to pack quickly. The synthahide material applied PU leather surface and soft velvet lining to clad its body is absolutely durable. It is stylish with the purple theme – a lovely gift for your girlfriend in the special occasions.


  • A large on-board mirror.
  • Multiple functional compartments.
  • Smooth and soft interior.
  • Durable PU leather cover.
  • Freely come with an attached mini jewelry box – suitable for a travel.
  • Locked with a key.


  • Have a strong oil smell.


#3. ProCase Jewelry Box Organizer With Two Layer Jewelry Display Storage Holder Case:

Whether you are on a new date with your lover, or want to look for a wonderful yet affordable gift for your beloved mom, then the ProCase Jewelry Box should be one of the preferred options. We make sure that it will delight those who receive it as a valuable present, thanks to its unique and functional box.

ProCase Jewelry Box Organizer With Two Layer Jewelry Display Storage Holder Case

Well, let’s take a glance at its specifications, which measures 10.39 inches long by 10.39 inches wide by 3.31 inches high. Even though this is not the largest size, but its double stackable layer design with 27 different sized compartments for organizing all types of jewelry, including bracelets, earrings, rings necklaces, etc. Roomy space keeps your jewelry orderly and easy to find on a moment notice its capacity still meets your needs. You are able to put a fair amount of jewelry in the box without throwing them somewhere or taking up too much space in your bedroom.

When it come to the material, the box is made from the durable synthetic leather and then lined with velvet for a stable and improved look. Just put the jewelry box in your room and you will realize how elegant and decent it is. Of course, its lid has a large mirror so that users can see how the jewelry fits and looks on them!



  • Come with an elegant looking.
  • Materials are durable and high quality.
  • The mirror is clear and beautiful.
  • Include a cloth bag, making it perfect for gifting
  • Have a secret space for keeping the valuable items that you don’t want to share with everyone.
  • Velvet lining inside keeps your jewelry collection shiny and beautiful.


  • Confused of whether it is wooden case or not.


#4. Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Lenox Childhood Memories Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box

Don’t think that the list of Best Jewelry Boxes 2021 is only limited in the products for women only. You still find a really cute gift for your baby girl so that she is able to collect items or jewelry with ease. Yes, we are talking about Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina box! A delightful gift for any child, this musical jewelry box is a one-of-a-kind piece that they will treasure forever. This charming jewelry box is a vintage favorite updated for modern times with its pincushion detail, beautiful designs and sleek silver finish.

Measuring 7 inches in length, 5 inches in width, and 4.5 inches in height. This jewelry organizer comes with a compact design, which totally fits in rooms. Remember its purpose? Serve baby girls! So, there is no need to worry about its bulky appearance. At a first glance, your mind will be left from admiration to admiration after opening it. See! It is about a stylish pink case with a twirling ballerina figurine which not only stimulates the receivers’ interest, but also boosts its value.

Furthermore, you also get yourself immersed in its soothing “swan lake” tune – that’s why it is called a musical jewelry box. Apart from its durability, the box also gains popularity, thanks to its affordability. Again, it is not necessary to break the bank to own one.

Okay, we also want to mention its spacious drawers. Your daughter is able to store the most valuables in these drawers without damaging them over time. A lid with a tight-sealing clasp also ensures to secure your personals. Let’s buy one for your baby, and we believe that it becomes a meaningful gift lingering on her thought forever!


  • A versatile jewelry box.
  • Spacious lower drawer enough to accommodate all your jewelry.
  • Enjoy an aesthetic design.
  • Small mirror in its top.
  • Soft pink interior with oval mirror
  • Include tight-sealing clasp-on lid.
  • Dancing ballerina figurine and wind-up lever on back plays “Für Elise”


  • Hinges are not high quality.


#5. Minggoo Jewelry Organizer Box With Two-Layer Jewelry case:

As its name suggests, this Minggoo jewelry box leaves you amazed with its 5 compartments and a big pull-out drawer jewelry box, showcasing multiple compartments for storing earrings, rings, bracelets, and bangles or depending on your smart organization. A stylish black-theme makes your eyes hard to ignore. You can store most jewelry in the box without scratching or damaging their value.

The Minggoo jewelry box made of rustic quality wood, sturdy and durable to stand heavy jewelry cosmetics. Linen cloth-covered inside keeps your jewelry well against dust, scratches, damages. Metal delicate handle highlights retro beauty.

Boasting a unique, beautiful and convenient design when being compared to other boxes out there, the box’s top lid also comes with an attractive mirror. The large mirror in the heart of the jewelry box allows for easy and exact touch-ups while you wear any kind of jewelry and helps you save valuable time.

As a truth, this jewelry box is always a nice and awesome gift for the girlfriend, daughter, mother, colleague, or any woman you find special in your life. To mostly serve this gifting purpose, an elegant gift box as well as a greeting card are also provided for each jewelry box.


  • Have padded 5 compartments and a big pull-out drawer jewelry box.
  • Equipped with a large top-mounted mirror.
  • Comes with eye-catching black theme.
  • Snap-on magnetic lock.
  • High-quality frame and fittings.
  • The interior part is covered with a soft material.


  • Small spaciously compartments.


#6. Sodynee Purple Two-Layer Lint Jewelry Box Organizer:

Whether you buy a jewelry box for the personal use or gifting purpose, then it seems a big pity to ignore this Sodynee Two-Layer lint Jewelry Box. Along with the finest quality and premium materials, the outstanding craftsmanship is indeed a visual treat that is totally impressive. Both the interior and exterior have a soft lint finish, offering an elegant touch to the box as well as protecting your precious items from scratches.

Sodynee Purple Two-Layer Lint Jewelry Box Organizer

Focus on a two-layer design. It is informed to know that the top layer allows you to store frequently worn pieces while the less worn pieces will enjoy their best room at the bottom layer. No matter what kind of jewelry you store, the top layer can be removable, bringing the easy access to the bottom layer. Of course, both layers are also divided into several compartments, which permit you to hold various types of jewelry. Another big advantage is that the box’s top lid stays propped up when open, which cannot be found in other jewelry boxes on the market.

Better yet, you feel free to select the most favorite color among several attractive colors out there, like the blue, the dark red, the purple, the rose, the deep blue, or the black. With this product, it is sure that you can never receive less than 100% satisfaction level. Just enjoy your peace of mind.


  • Suit to most types of jewelry.
  • Adjustable and spacious compartments.
  • Smooth and soft interior (lined).
  • Durable medium-density fingerboard.
  • Safety lock design for dependability.
  • Come with a two-layer design.
  • Large storage capacity.
  • Great versatility.


  • No mirror exist.


#7. Mele & Co. Heloise Wooden Jewelry Box:

Want something that will give your bedroom a modern and elegant touch? Do you possess a collection of valuable jewelry? Feel that it is time to find an easy-to-see place for them where they are more organized and secure? Then, you will not go wrong with the Mele & Co. Heloise Jewelry Box.Mele & Co. Heloise Wooden Jewelry Box

Our first impression is that the Mele & Co. Heloise Jewelry Box capacity is large enough to keep your valuable items in order. It is the perfect place to display your earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and broaches when you aren’t using them. With 4 small sections for loose jewelry, 2 necklace doors with 3 hooks each, and 4 drawers, this box will meet your storage needs. Along with the highest convenience, you also have a totally safe place to put jewelry.

In order to add retro look beautiful, the Mele & Co. Heloise Jewelry Box has a dark brown walnut finish and unique oval shape. It will add class to any space and blend with your home decor. To treat your jewelry with care, manufacturers of Mele & Co. have added a vintage ivory sueded fabric to the inside. So, Mele & Co. have been provided you with unique jewelry storage pieces that will add a touch of class and organization to your daily life.

What’s more, this jewelry box ensures proper organization, thanks to its compartments. Your precious collection will always be in perfect condition since it comes carefully packed in Styrofoam box. Last but not least, remember that the unite measures 13 x 6.38 x 10.88 inches as well as weighing 5.6 pounds.


  • Impressively made and accurately constructed.
  • The drawers slide in and out with ease.
  • Come with a modern design and blend seamlessly with the existing décor.
  • Have a lock that works great.
  • Large capacity.
  • The partitions in each drawer are totally adjustable.
  • A large mirror on top, while lock and key for security.


  • A bit bulky.


Why Use A Jewelry Box?

We have a lot collections of bracelets, rings and necklaces piling up on the shelf. They need a proper place for accessories and organize it more neatly, it’s easy for them without tangled up or even lost.

If you are tired of the tangle of rings and necklaces that you have amassed, we have found storage so pretty and you will proudly display it on your jewelry boxes or a way to put on jewelry without the taking time to untangle what you want to wear.

Top 7 Best Jewelry Boxes Reviews & Buyers Guide In 2021

From the classic box to glass-paneled displays, it’s keep your accessories safe. The cost of purchasing a jewelry box is way less than the cost of having to replace an expensive jewelry collection that was not properly stored. Below I have provided a list of 5 reasons why you should definitely invest in a jewelry box.

  1. Easy Accessibility: When your jewelry becomes cluttered or you are getting ready to go to an important party but can’t choose the right one. Therefore, a good jewelry box would make this process a lot less hectic by providing you with a place to put all your accessories in one place so they are readily accessible in your style.
  2. Streamlined: The jewelry box will ability to keep your jewelry free from clutter and organized. It come with different sized and shaped compartments allowing you have storage many different types of jewelry that keeps it from getting tangled or damaged.
  3. Protection From Damage: Jewelry boxes prevent damage by keeping your jewelry protected from external forces or secured in one place. Besides, it also come with compartments that allow you to keep jewelry separated, from rubbing up against each other and causing scratches.
  4. Reduces Risk of Loss and Protection From Theft: If your jewelry have not a consistent place to store, it at risk of getting lost or vulnerable to theft. A good jewelry box with a lock is a much better way to secure your jewelry so that you will have much better peace of mind if you know your jewelry is properly secured. Besides, it’s help you to building a habit of putting your jewelry in a jewelry box after using.
  5. Your Style: Jewelry boxes come in many different styles, shape and designs. So, jewelry boxes are another way to showcase your style and matches with the furniture in your home.

Types of Jewelry Boxes

When selecting jewelry boxes, you will have many types to select from. Among these types include:

  • Wood jewelry boxes
  • Musical jewelry boxes
  • Antique jewelry boxes
  • Travel jewelry boxes
  • Standing cabinet jewelry boxes
  • Handcrafted jewelry boxes

Each of these types of jewelry boxes offers different features that meet different needs. Standing cabinet jewelry boxes, for example, are perfect for those looking to add a significant feature to the room or that have a large amount of jewelry to store. Since these cabinets are so large, they are also ideal for hanging long necklaces without risk of getting them tangled. For those looking for a family heirloom, on the other hand, a handcrafted jewelry box may be the better option.

To get a better idea of the type of jewelry box that is right for you, it is a good idea to browse through a large number of jewelry boxes. In this way, you can view various styles as well as features different jewelry boxes offer in order to determine what type of box best meets your needs.

Best Jewelry Box Features

Believe it or not, not all jewelry boxes are made alike. In fact, each has its own unique features that are better suited to different types of jewelry collectors. For example, some jewelry boxes are more geared toward those with a large number of necklaces. As such, you will find several hanging devices in the jewelry box that allow you to securely store your necklaces without risk of getting them tangled. Yet others may offer more slots for storing rings, while others may include a large number of small, square compartments that can be used for storing rings or earrings.

Since there are so many features that can be found in various jewelry boxes, you should take stock of the type and amount of jewelry you have. In this way, you can determine which features are the most important to you when it comes to being able to properly store your sparkling gems.

Best Jewelry Box Materials

The type of material used to make the jewelry box should also be taken into consideration. The majority of jewelry boxes are made from wood, but the type of wood used may vary. Common woods used to make jewelry boxes include teak, mahogany, and oak. Once stained, each of these woods has a unique look.

When selecting the right jewelry box for you, you should consider the type of wood used to make the furniture that is in the room in which the jewelry box will be placed. With a smaller jewelry box, matching the wood may not be quite as important. If you will be purchasing a larger jewelry box or a standing cabinet, however, matching the wood becomes crucial to maintaining the overall decor in the room.

Final Verdict

In addition to our recommendations, there are still other options of Jewelry Boxes 2021 on the market for you to store the beautiful ornaments. Ensure to select the one that satisfies your need. Let’s give your jewelry collection the place to stay safely and neatly so that no mess is available in your bedroom at all. By displaying your necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc., on the jewelry organizer, it is likely that you avoid a case of losing a matching item again!






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