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Benefits Of Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Unless you just treasure your jewelry collection as much as possible, the best way to keep your jewelry bright and sparkling as well as extending their life is to clean and maintain them in a right way. You can clean jewelry manually, but this seems to be a challenge task. Why? That’s because we don’t want to damage our precious and expensive jewelry during the clean-up process. While traditional washing machines are also not a good choice to your concern, it is time to consider the importance of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.

Believe it or not, jewelry manufacturers and jewelers quickly come to realize that the best jewelry cleaner at that time is an ultrasonic cleaner. If you are doubtful about the reasons, let us start by explaining how these cleaners work, then get into types of jewelry which can be cleaned in an ultrasonic machine, as well as benefits of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.

Let’s explore all in detail.

How does an Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner work?

Put it simply, an ultrasonic cleaner machine efficiently works by emitting the high frequency sound waves for the purpose of creating bubbles and ultrasonic vibrations in the water. After an appropriate amount of time, dirt and grime clinging to your jewelry will be totally removed.

Let’s make a comparison with the traditional jewelry cleaning option that uses a small brush and soapy water. Is it ultrasonic cleaner more effective? When using the brush to clean your items, there are surely limitations to where the brush can get to. It is hard to deny the fact that some jewelry items may have really tiny crevices and cavities which become a challenge for a brush to reach.

This matter is quickly solved, thanks to the presence of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. After you place your jewelry into the cleaning solution, the ultrasonic process begins in which the bubbles created by the disturbance in the water do a nice job in removing the dirt and grime on these items. The contamination in all hard-to-reach places is also reached and removed, due to waves and movement of the ultrasonic cleaner.

The good news is that the entire process only takes a few minutes, in comparison with the amount of time used to clean by hand. What do you see now? Your jewelry items stand out sparkling and untouched. Therefore, not only are you saving much time, but you enjoy a satisfied and complete cleaning outcome.

Type of jewelry which can be cleaned in an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Of course, we always want to get what we pay for. Thankfully, ultrasonic cleaners are mostly compatible with a number of precious metals and other non-organic gemstones. However, in terms of caution, you also keep in mind some gems and jewelry items that are not recommended to be used in the ultrasonic machine. We all don’t want to damage our precious items as well as unhelpfully wasting money on the expensive ultrasonic cleaner, right? The table below can help you broaden your horizon:

Gemstones that are compatible with an ultrasonic machineGemstones that are incompatible with an ultrasonic machine
Cubic ZirconiaTurquoise
GarnetLapis Lazuli
Other precious metals (Gold, silver and platinum)Topaz
Mother of Pearl
Tungsten (metal)
Some colored diamonds

Top benefits of Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners


Speed is the top reason why you should invest money in one ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. It is quick and easy to use, which only takes a few minutes to complete the cleaning process. So, you are totally able to save much time and energy.

When jewelers spend much time with conventional jewelry cleaning methods, including brushes, soaps, and elbow grease, this means such the cleaning valuable pieces are not on display for sale. With an ultrasonic cleaner, everything is resolved quickly in which the most detailed pieces are cleaned in a few minutes, allowing the jewelers to display the items at their best.

Do you believe that you can even place several precious items at once into the machine, which save time and speed up the cleaning process?


Saving time in the cleaning process means that you save a lot of money. In addition, ultrasonic cleaning is much more cost-effective, in comparison with the manual method and material costs of traditional cleaning process. The ultrasonic cavitation action requires a little cleaning fluid per session, resulting in saving money.


Many valuable jewelry items can also have the most intricate designs, which make it difficult for a brush to access. For example, bracelets, necklaces, watches, etc. have crevices and small cavities that even trap dust, dirt, and other contaminants.

Jewelry items will receive a complete clean because the ultrasonic cleaner may send the cleaning solution into these hard-to-reach places, then remove all dirt build-up and bring a new shine to these jewelry items.


Wonder whether the ultrasonic vibration can damage the delicate items or not? In fact, the cleaning is totally gentle enough to accommodate a wide range of jewelry types. What you need to do is to manually adjust the heat as well as intensity of the machine to suit your items.

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