Author: Jennifer

How To Choose A Jewelry Box?

it’s very important to learn how to store your Jewelry. But many times, most of us just get the first Jewelry Box that comes our way. And that’s a shame. There are multiple things you have to take into consideration before you…Read More »

Maybe You Don’t Know About Gemstones

There are hundreds of different gemstones that are set into settings of silver, gold or platinum to make nearly infinite combinations of jewelry that can be used to enhance beauty and appearance. Here is information on a small sampling of the most…Read More »

How best to clean silver jewlery ?

Clean silver jewelery HOW? In movies of old, a common sight for wealthy households was that of the servants polishing and cleaning silver.  At one time, many years ago, a sign of affluence was the amount of silverware, silver candlesticks, silver tea…Read More »