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Agate Is An Excellent Choice For Fine Jewelry

What is agate?

Agate is a crystalline variety of quartz and has a specialized psychic signature. The bands or ribbons found in agate symbolize layers of protection, and agate has metaphysical associations with security and protective properties. Blended clouds represent synthesis.

What does an agate look like?

Agate has a wide color range and degree of clarity variance. This gemstone is without a doubt the diamond of its category. From nearly transparent to opaque, the agate is a versatile stone. Colors are often banded and may vary considerably within the same stone. Agates have a more individualistic nature than most gemstones. For this reason, agate has a tendency to be quite unique from piece to piece.

Agate Stone

Amplifies love, abundance, wealth, good fortune. It is considered a protective stone and has a grounding energy influence. Very good for those who wish to increase financial responsibility or are responsible for the money of others.

Great for energizing your natural gifts and talents. The grounding nature of agate is useful for anyone that requires accuracy and attention to detail with numbers. The individuality of agate is ideal for bringing out the unique talents that each of us has.

Many believe that agate jewelry is useful in circulation and as a ward against toxic influences. Agate governs circulatory, regulatory and digestive systems within the body. The symbol is probably derived from the beautiful flow within channels that is intrinsic to the stones nature.


The combination of energies present in agate is believed to be useful for these systems in the body, which benefits from the unique earth element aspects of this stone and its mercurial nature of appearance.


All aspects of blood flow and regulation. Blood performs the major tasks of oxygenation which has secondary benefits for the lungs and overall endurance. This is a great gift for a runner, for this reason.

Digestive System

This regulatory system is responsible for providing physical energy. It associated with balancing these systems and is particularly useful in providing strength against bulimic and anorexic tenancies.


Another system that is highly regulated within the body, energies channeled through the lymphatic system provide a balance and protection which is reputed to make the wearer of agate jewelry more resistant to both the flu and the common cold.

The association with the ideal functioning of white blood cells as well as the master lymphatic system provides constitutional benefits and a heightened resistance to other disruptive influences such as toxins and common contagious ailments that attack this system.


Associated with endurance, agate is associated with strength and healing of the skeletal system, and assists in the rapid and proper healing of broken bones and fractures when they do occur. Arthritis is associated with imbalances in calcium distribution, and it is considered beneficial in resisting and repairing arthritic conditions, by restoring regenerative balance.


The balancing nature of agate provides strength and an even flow of energy. This is useful as it protects against energy drains and reduces the effects of stress. The wearer of agate has an ability to remain balanced and centered. It is reputed to make a person lucky in love, and gives the power to turn the attacks of enemies against themselves.

Agate is a reveler of hidden treasures, both physical and in terms of talents. Even at an unconscious level the powers of agate manifest, as it provides protection from bad dreams even while sleeping. Psychic attacks turn against those who initiate them. The wearer of agate jewelry is protected by layers and layers of balanced protective energy. Agate confers security and emotional balance in many ways.

Sources of Agate

India, Brazil, China, Russia, and Australia, as well as the island of Madagascar.

Caring for agate jewelry

Agate is hard, but somewhat brittle. Agate jewelry does not respond well to sharp blows and scratches. It does best in relatively uniform temperatures and care should be taken not to expose it to chemicals.


Agate is an excellent choice for fine jewelry. By understanding the gift you give to others or yourself you can share the meaning of that gift and meditate on what it symbolizes.

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